How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

ISBN: 9781599951683
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The perfect, compact listen for today's fast-paced world, How Successful People Think (derived from Maxwell's previous book, Thinking for a Change) will teach listeners the 11 secrets successful people know. Arranged in an easy-to-follow format, America's leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, will teach listeners how to expand their thinking and achieve their dreams.

The 11 keys to successful thinking include:
Big-Picture Thinking - seeing the world beyond your own needs and how that leads to great ideas
Focused Thinking - removing mental clutter and distractions to realize your full potential
Creative Thinking - thinking in unique ways and making breakthroughs
Shared Thinking - working with others to compound results
Reflective Thinking - looking at the past to gain a better understanding of the future.

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Inspire book

Siti Aishah
How Successful People Think

This is a book that everyone should read, but especially young individuals in the workforce who want to know how to get ahead. There are many lessons in this book, and each chapter concludes with a fantastic reflection and questions. Real-life examples are used to highlight the principles.