Humankind: A Hopeful History (UK)

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Publisher: Bloomsbury UK

ISBN: 9781408898956

Format: Paperback

Weight: 420 g

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Like many of my generation, I get trapped by nihilism. The stories media tells of us, of others, robberies and murders and terrorisms, climate change and inaction and other horrors. It seemed hopeless. We're spiraling, and baby is it a long way down. But I, like so many others, wanted to fight. I wanted to hope. There must be more. Somewhere, out there, brighter in the sun. While most of media told me there was none, or at least, there is a mass-marketed, surface level, sugar coated effort to hope, full of buzzwords and brittle jargons, there are places where sharp, honest hope resides. There are works, there are words, there are stories where nihilism is met with a kind smile, an open hand, and a walk through balmy sunshine to answer a lifelong question. What does it mean to be human? A lust for violence? A streak of selfishness? No. The answer is always : Kindness. This book underlines the proof, the studies, the scientific discoveries and real-world examples of that notion. Undeniable, powerful, immutable. Stories that are too mundane, too unexceptional to make the news. This book is for the radicals, the desperates, the people tired of living life knowing there's something better but not knowing what it was. This book asks of the reader to hope. And may it teach you to hope as it did me.


Started off with a lot of scientific research, but phrased in an comprehensive, light manner. Especially the conclusions at the end cheered me up and increased my faith in humanity.

Humankind: A Hopeful History (UK)

This book make me question previously held assumptions. It gave me practical things I could actually do regarding these revelations. Recommended to students and friends alike.

Dayang Yannie

What a remarkable book. The author has researched extensively to drive home his point that is contrary to the Hobbesian belief of a totally self-centred and selfish human being

Nurulidayu Mohamed

This book is a total opposites of another well known book; Better angel of our nature. This book also falsify the theory that human are born evil; nature and nurture that will develop our kindness. Throughout the reads, I would often pause and reflect at some point; all of the point are exactly true. Thank you MPH for bring in a very good book

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