In/Outcome: Manage Your Income and Achieve Great Financial Outcome (3Ed. ,Fully Revised & Updated)

ISBN: 9789670015347
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Publisher, AcePremier
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 330 g
No. of Pages, 285

#1 Malaysia Bestseller

Bestseller with Thousands of Copies Sold Previously
Fully Revised & Updated 3rd Edition

Personal Financial Planner with Extensive Supporters

“An easy, light-hearted read with crucial lessons for managing money.”
Linnet Lee (CEO, Financial Planning Association of Malaysia)


In this long-awaited 3rd edition, Amelia Hong, once meek and mild, is now back again with a vengeance and a new self after a life-changing experience. You can catch glimpses of that raw and rude personality in this updated book with real, painful yet uplifting stories as she helps Malaysians navigate the difficult world of managing money and investing. Her ‘almost’ no-holds-barred new snippets are gems in a world full of empty or fake promises and will wake you up to the realities of the struggle to manage money.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, you simply cannot afford any financial mistakes that will make you miserable, sick, or poor! You don’t think that will happen to you? Well, that was what she said until she had cancer! (Padan muka!). Armed with new realizations, this timeless book on managing money, which discusses real issues such as the impossibility of retiring comfortably, the reasons for failure to save money, insidious inflation for education, and just plain living expenses, are tackled head-on.

Customer Reviews

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Practical and Insightful

A deeply rewarding read and meaningful data points shared by Amelia that's food for thought for those of a curious and skeptical mind. Amelia's tips shared are lucid and actionable.

Positive outcome

Save more , invest well and retire young is life goals for many people but taking action is always more important than just having financial literacy. This book is easy to read and understand , I hope other readers can benefit from it like I do . Act now and have a positive outcome !

A must have in your collections!

This book is an ideal read for those seeking easily implementable financial literacy ideas and looking to take immediate steps towards achieving great financial outcome.

John Shanker
Starting To Save for "NEWBIES" Like ME!

I have no zero-to-nothing knowlegde when it comes to the mechanism of saving. All I knew was I needed some money for emergency. After having encountered this book, it definitely gave an open perspective on money management. The book does not consist of jargon words that will leave you wondering but an easy-to-understand & digest book interms of the Financial Language used. There are some comic art in the book that is quite nice as well.


A very insightful read. Great work, Amelia