Intangibles : Unlocking the Science and Soul of Team Chemistry

ISBN: 9780316497152
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In Joan Ryan's groundbreaking book we discover that the answer to all of the above is a resounding yes. As Ryan puts it, team chemistry, or the combination of biological and social forces that boosts selfless effort among more players over more days of a season, is what drives sports teams toward a common goal, encouraging the players to be the best versions of themselves. These are the elements of teams that make them "click," the ones that foster trust and respect, and push players to exceed their own potential when they work well together. Team chemistry alone won't win a World Series, but talent alone won't win it, either. And by interviewing more than 100 players, coaches, managers, and statisticians, as well as over five years of extensive research in neuroscience, biology, physiology, and psychology, Ryan proves that the social and emotional state of a team does affect performance. Grit, passion, selflessness, and effort matter -- but never underestimate the power of chemistry.
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This book lays out a compelling argument for the existence and importance of team chemistry in driving results. In this groundbreaking book, Ryan takes something of which we are all vaguely aware, an incredibly elusive concept to define, makes it understandable and creates useful terms we can all employ when we talk about team chemistry. She backs it with examples from the world of sports that are as entertaining as they are informative and provides insights gleaned from scientific research. While science and analytics are essential in sports, business, and life, much of what is most important in our lives is not easily quantified or measured. Joan Ryan has written an interesting and informative book. Recommended to all coaches, business executives, and team builders!

Amirah Bukhari

This was a useful book that made you to reconsider the importance of team chemistry.