Junior Explorers®: Trace & Learn First Numbers

ISBN: 9781488943942
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This tracing book integrates the senses of touch and sight to help your child learn number formation, and connect number names, numerals and quantities to 20. It represents numbers in the following key ways: pictures, words and numerals.

Junior Explorers®: First Numbers Tracing Book is a hands-on and immersive way to reinforce the fundamentals of counting through practice and repetition. The tracing format engages young children, enabling them to hone their fine motor skills through repetition.

•14-page board book

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Publisher,Hinkler Books
Publication Date,
Format, Board Book
Weight, 420 g
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Nur Syazana Boimen
Worth to bought this!

This board book is Interesting Everyone!. I believe your kids will love this. Your kids will learn using the tracing format.So they know how the number will be written. The picture was illustrated very well and cute i can say.