Kintsugi: Embrace Your Imperfections and Find Happiness

ISBN: 9781529366839
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Publisher,Hodder & Stoughton
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Discover how to embrace the imperfect with Kintsugi. Apply this ancient principle to your life and you will learn how to repair yourself, rebuild your life and love your flaws.

Japanese Kintsugi masters delicately patch up broken ceramics with gold adhesive, leaving the restoration clearly visible to others. Psychologist Tomas Navarro believes that we should approach our lives with the same philosophy. Everyone faces suffering, but it is the way in which we overcome our troubles, and heal our emotional wounds, that is key. We shouldn't conceal our repairs, they are proof of our strength.

Navarro presents real solutions to genuine problems that he has seen in his professional practice. His anecdotes demonstrate that it is possible to transform adversity or setbacks into a strength. His psychological understanding and perspective will leave you feeling courageous and prepared, should you experience misfortune, be it heartbreak, a job loss or bereavement.

Often practised alongside Ikigai (or the art of finding one's life purpose), Kintsugi shows you how happiness can be found again, often against all odds. A painful experience can in fact make you a more determined individual, ready to face the world with optimism.

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Chan Kok Seng
Kintsugi: Embrace Your Imperfections and Find Happiness

The author tells us that human beings all have some flawed and are easily affected by negative emotions when encountering frustration and adversity. Reading this book will give you inspiration, help you understand and face your own shortcomings, and overcome difficulties bravely to get happiness.


This powerful book goes beyond the usual treatment of resilience and explains exactly how to put one’s life back together after it has been broken in some way.

Nurulidayu Mohamed
Beautiful advice

This content of this book is a very good example of an old saying, "What does not kill you makes you stronger". No matter how hard an obstacle that you had face in life, believe me the end results is rewarding only if you embrace it and learnt from them. The author illustrate the concept in a very beautiful way and easy to be understood. Since Japanese is an artful society, the concept is very soothing and practical to be applied in lofe. Highy recommended!

Kintsugi: Embrace Your Imperfections and Find Happiness

The psychologist, Tomàs Navarro, has applied the principles of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer, to the breaks and damage we experience in our own lives - whether through bereavement, heartbreak, depression and plain bad luck. His book is empathetic. When life threatens to shatter and break us we can apply Kintsugi. Embrace the challenges. Dig deep within to restore ourselves and acknowledge that our scar's make us strong, outhentic and interesting people. Navarro says that emotional strength can be learned. The Author helps us to think about our way of handling adversity and reflect to embrace our scars.