Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about your Body

ISBN: 9781409562108
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Format, Board Book
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This Lift-the-Flap book contains the answers to the many questions that curious children have about their bodies, including 'How do I smell?' 'What makes me burp?' 'Why do I need to wash my hands?' 'Why is blood red?' and many more. This engaging book is filled with entertaining and informative illustrations to help to answer all kinds of body questions that young children ask, in a friendly and simple way. Includes over 60 flaps to lift; sure to satisfy even the most inquisitive children!

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Lim


A Fun Learning Book For Kids

This Lift-the flap book from Usborne series really help the kids to understand better of heavy facts and concept especially about our body.
Each of the page, with different question ok where, how, why, what or yes or no. With just simple explanation with nice illustrations really help kids to understand the concept much better like 'where does my food go when I swallow'?

Nur Firzanah

Very useful esoecially for kida who just started learning and wanting to know about human being

Izza nasrina
Junior references

This book content alot of information for kids to learn bout our body and how much it’s functionally , it’s do that it’s work like that, soo much new information that kids should know and learn . Really recommended book to have it

Mhd Saprisal Sabarudin
A Very Useful Book

This isn't your typical book-for-review type of book. There is no story, chapters, or beginning, middle, or end. Instead, it is a non-fiction book centered around questions (who, what, where, when, why, how, and yes or no) centered around the theme of "your body." There's a great variety of questions (like does everyone snore, is my heart shaped like a heart, and when do babies learn to walk) and some cute illustrations that cover the pages from edge to edge.