Lord of Shadows ( The Dark Artifices #2 )

ISBN: 9781442468412
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Publisher,Simon & Schuster
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 680.39 g
No. of Pages, 699

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Asiah Aminah
Absolutely in LOVE!

I am a HUGE fan of Cassandra Clare, the writer, and the world of Shadowhunters she has created. My favourite series was the Infernal Devices trilogy, however, the Dark Artifices has a space in my heart!

Lord of Shadows was a good sequel to the first book, Lady Midnight. It was a rollercoaster of a ride, and I cannot wait for Emma and Julian's adventure in Queen of Air and Darkness (the next book in the series).

Another thing I love about this series is the Blackthorns' love for each other—truly admire their courage and bravery and the things they'd do for each other. The love is so pure and raw and real. Love love LOVE!!!! Love the series so much! <3

The Dark Artifices Trilogy

The best faerie-related series! I love it. Cassie Clare knows how to write!
The Dark Artifices #2 was full of excitements, unexpected stuff & the order of the plot; fantastic! it has some beautiful moments, some magical moments, some total horrors, some epic battles & so many fun! everything.

Amirah Bukhari

This book brought a lot of amazing characters and character development.

Urban Fantasy

This continues the tale of revenge, violence and forbidden love and we also follow many other secondary characters including Mark, Cristina, Kit, Ty and more. The lives of these shadowhunters have been changed forever and allies have been pitted against them. Now they must fight to defeat the enemy they do not know. The Plot of this book was fantastic and very engaging.