Love Her Wild: Poems


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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781501171239

Format: Paperback

Weight: 420 g

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Ikram Kausari
Wow. What a collection.

With all of the creepers and perverts being featured on the news these days, it was breathtaking and awe-inspiring to find this new collection of poetry by a man named Atticus, published just this year.

I don't know who or what Atticus is, or if his mother was Hera, Athena or Aphrodite or what, but, clearly she was a goddess who did an incredible job of raising a righteous and creative young man.

Atticus's poetry is a celebration of the feminine EVERYTHING, a nod to the captivating allure of women and the PRIVILEGE it can be to find yourself in the presence of such beauty.

And, it was wonderful for me, a woman, to be reminded that the world is also full of beautiful men who love and cherish women for the playful, complicated and stunning creatures they are. Men who would never harm a woman or take anything from her by force. Men who help women put on their coats, brush the errant hairs from their eyes, and are attentive to their protection and well-being, even in their sleep.

This is gorgeous, lush, quotable poetry, and, in case my review hasn't communicated it yet. . . incredibly and ridiculously romantic, too.

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