Mist-Bound: How to Glue Back Grandpa

ISBN: 9789814914963
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Can Grandpa be saved in time before he's forever lost to the mists within his mind? Meet Alexis. Her Grandpa’s memories have been shattered. The only cure? Memory Glue. To brew it, she’ll just need a few ingredients: like, nose hair from a baku (dream-eater), sweat from a duyung (sea siren) and… OK. Maybe some of the stuff can be tricky to find in local supermarkets. To obtain them Alexis must journey to an enchanted land called Mist, where the fabled creatures from Grandpa’s folktales are alive in the flesh. Many of whom aren’t strict vegetarians. Oh, and there’s a deadline. The items must be gathered by Spring, else Grandpa’s memories will be gone for good. At least she’ll have company: the nasty kenit (forest imp) who’d cast the horrible spell on Grandpa, and her stern Grandma who harbours a secret that will change Alexis’ life forever… Piece of cake, right?
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Publisher,Penguin SEA
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Format, Paperback
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Great book. I could read it a hundred times. The illustrations are also very beautiful.


Mist-Bound: How to Glue Back Grandpa

Nadirah R
Lovely read for the kids!

The blend of the real world and the mythical folklore from all over Southeast Asia (and even beyond!) are portrayed with beautiful illustrations by Ellie of SillyJellie.

The combination of both Kho's clear writing and Ellie's magical artwork would delight all children and adults alike, and to have such a beautiful representation of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren was an added delight. Loved how Kho shows the bond between Alexis and her grandfather in the beginning and the contrast of Alexis's newly-found appreciation for her grandmother when her adventure into the mythical world of faeries and monsters unfolded. I think this is one of the few books that feature such a strong presence of a child's grandparents in their "journey", be it the mundane or the magical, and I really loved it.

On top of all of that, we also get wonderful representations of Southeast Asian folklore and characters. Truly an enjoyable read that I would love to pass on to my nephews & nieces.

Nabilah H

Mesmerising story

Y M Boey
Mist -Bound: How to Glue Back Grandpa

Awesome story, well written