People Smart in Business: Using the DISC Behavioral Styles Model to Turn Every Business Encounter Into a Mutual Win

ISBN: 9789833831449
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Publisher,Advantage Quest Pub.
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Format, Paperback
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Imagine. . .

   - When you encounter difficult co-workers or customers - you know how to adapt to them
   - Where you meet challenging situations - you have the skills to overcome them
   - How good it will feel when - you become a dynamic leader that others want to follow

If you dream of all that and more. . . then People Smart is the book you need.

People Smart is a unique blend of specific reserach on human behavior and our 30+ years of teaching people smarts - through The Platinum Rule.

Whether you want to be better at selling or socializing, managing or motivating, producing or persuading, this book has the answers. Once you've been exposed to these hands-on, proven and practical principles, you'll find that  you will have access to uncommon wisdom allowing you to:
   - Become a more loved and effective boss
   - Gain effortless cooperation of even the most difficult people
   - Fascinate and positively influence your spouse and children
   - Build meaningful rapport that attracts long-term clients
   - Eliminate tension in every personal and professional relationship

Learn to apply People Smart and soon you'll unconsciously begin to draw out the best in everyone around you. You'll notice how easy it becomes for you to gain the trust and respect of even the most cynical people you meet.

People Smart
is a reader-friendly book. You can use and reuse it as a constant companion to consult when dealing with difficult people and stressful situations. It gives you the tools to realistically take charge of improving all your work relationships. 

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