Psychology: 50 Key Ideas Unpacked

ISBN: 9781398828803
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Gain fascinating insights into human behavior with this comprehensive and accessible guide to psychology and its 50 key ideas.

How do we think? What do our dreams mean? Why do we see things in different ways? Questions such as these have plagued the world's greatest thinkers throughout history, from Aristotle and Descartes to Freud and Carl Jung. This accessible guide introduces the most crucial quandaries in psychology and how we have tried to answer them.

• Dream analysis
• The Bystander effect
• Personality
• Criminal psychology
• Social learning theory

Written in plain English, with concise explanations and helpful diagrams, this book it untangles complicated theories and makes sense of abstract psychological concepts. It's perfect for students or anyone wanting a fresh look at this intriguing subject.


About the Author

Emily Ralls studied Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, specialising in evolutionary psychology and primate communication. She is now a college lecturer in West Sussex. She is the author with Caroline Riggs of The Little Book of Psychology.

Tom Collins studied at the Institute of Education (UCL) and has worked as a lecturer of social science. He is particularly interested in the psychological demands of extreme environments and sport psychology.


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