Rule of Wolves (Nikolai #2) (US)


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Publisher: Macmillan USA

ISBN: 9781250816511

Format: Paperback

Weight: 700 g

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Nur Najlaa Widad Izzat

Rule of Wolves (Nikolai #2) (US)

Aina Mardhiah
i havent read it yet

i haven’t read it yet since im currently waiting for the first book to arrive but since it is Nikolai, the privateer we all know so ill give it 5 stars :3

Asrul shaffei

The character development is so well done. The story is just so satisfactory and has the best possible ending. The writing is so beautiful as well. I'm really satisfied with the book

good read

This book was such a journey once again created my the brilliant Leigh Bardugo. This book was everything i hoped for after finishing king of scars. It is a journey of people who fight four their country , the dream of a better world , a world where grisha will be free and where Ravka will be whole again , a journey of hope for the country and for the charracters own wounds. The story is about fighting for that hope and the dream and it is about healing your wounds mentally and accepting yourself the way you are with your past included. This book brilliantly got all the grisha books together and made all the individual stories connect as a whole in a brilliant way.

Ikram Kausari
“Love is not known for making men reasonable.”

This book would best be enjoyed by readers who are mega-fans of the Grishaverse characters and want to see more of them. Narratively however, this felt unnecessarily long and convoluted to me due to the number of character perspectives and storylines shoved in. I think the book would have been stronger if it the plot were more contained, rather than trying to expand the politics and magic system in ways that didn’t make sense, and if it had focused on a smaller number of central characters to fully develop them. This was supposed to be Nikolai’s duology plus Zoya as the other main character, and it feels like we lost that focus by doing too many other characters and storylines for the sake of pleasing fans. I’m all for Leigh Bardugo getting her coin since the Grishaverse is definitely making her bank, but I would have much preferred starting over with a new set of characters and problems within this world, rather than trying to continue storylines for existing characters that don’t quite work.

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