Shoe Dog - A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE

ISBN: 9781471146725
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In 1962, fresh out of business school, Phil Knight borrowed $50 from his father and created a company with a simple mission: import high-quality, low-cost athletic shoes from Japan. Selling the shoes from the boot of his Plymouth, Knight grossed $8000 in his first year.

Today, Nike's annual sales top $30 billion. In an age of start-ups, Nike is the ne plus ultra of all start-ups, and the swoosh has become a revolutionary, globe-spanning icon, one of the most ubiquitous and recognisable symbols in the world today. But Knight, the man behind the swoosh, has always remained a mystery.

Now, for the first time, he tells his story. Candid, humble, wry and gutsy, he begins with his crossroads moment when at 24 he decided to start his own business. He details the many risks and daunting setbacks that stood between him and his dream - along with his early triumphs. Above all, he recalls how his first band of partners and employees soon became a tight-knit band of brothers. Together, harnessing the transcendent power of a shared mission, and a deep belief in the spirit of sport, they built a brand that changed everything.

A memoir rich with insight, humour and hard-won wisdom, this book is also studded with lessons - about building something from scratch, overcoming adversity, and ultimately leaving your mark on the world.


Phil Knight

One of the world’s most influential business executives, Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, Inc. He served as CEO of the company from 1964 to 2004, as board chairman through 2016, and he is currently Chairman Emeritus. He lives in Oregon with his wife, Penny.

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Heng Ng

Worth to buy, wonderful experience

Jack Wong
Show Dog

Good book to invest in. Good deliver and packaging.


Truly inspiring story that every person not giving up to chase your dream.This book show how strong the spirit and work hard for what your want in your life.Highly Recommended

Tiong Yong Keu
Shoe Dog

Very inspiring story. Early days of struggle , building a team, raising money were very real , showing it was not a overnight success.

nur syahadah

Pada pendapat saya, buku ini tentang kedalaman dan luasnya apa yang hanya dapat saya panggil, pencarian penulis. Terus terang, saya hairan. Saya tidak pernah dapat membayangkan penulis secara terbuka berkongsi banyak dirinya seperti di Shoe Dog. Perkara lain yang selalu saya kagumi ialah pemberiannya untuk mengupah orang yang berbakat, berdedikasi dan memberi penulis banyak pertolongan. Penulis selalu bertolak ansur dengan kegagalan, tetapi tidak bertoleransi terhadap kemewahan. Sifat-sifat ini pasti terdapat dalam buku yang bagus ini. Ia berkenaan lelaki yang luar biasa. Sejarah yang luar biasa. Buku yang luar biasa.