Alex Rider #1: Stormbreaker (20th Anniversary Edition)

ISBN: 9781406388589
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The first action-packed adventure that started the number one bestselling Alex Rider series.

In the first book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, fourteen-year-old Alex is forcibly recruited into MI6. Armed with secret gadgets, he is sent to investigate Herod Sayle, a man who is offering state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers to every school in the country. But the teenage spy soon finds himself in mortal danger.

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Tiong Yong Keu
Storm breaker (Alex Rider)

This might be a teenage book but i love it. it is faster read. No so in depth that you stumble at certain sections. The kid is crazy funny. the characters are well defined. start with middle one that i found at work and am now reading them in order.