The 5 AM Club

ISBN: 9780008312831
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Publisher,Harper UK
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Legendary leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma introduced The 5AM Club concept over 20 years ago, based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped his clients maximise their productivity, activate their best health and bulletproof their serenity in this age of overwhelming complexity.

Now, in this life-changing book, you will discover the early-rising habit that has helped so many accomplish epic results while upgrading their happiness, helpfulness and feelings of aliveness.

Through an enchanting - and often amusing - story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor, The 5am Club will walk you through:


  • How great geniuses, business titans and the world’s wisest people start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements.
  • A little-known formula you can use instantly to wake up early feeling inspired, focused and flooded with a fiery drive to get the most out of each day.
  • A step-by-step method to protect the quietest hours of daybreak so you have time for exercise, self-renewal and personal growth.
  • A neuroscience-based practice proven to help make it easy to rise while most people are sleeping, giving you precious time for yourself to think, express your creativity and begin the day peacefully instead of being rushed. 
  • ‘Insider only’ tactics to defend your gifts, talents and dreams against digital distraction and trivial diversions so you enjoy fortune, influence and a magnificent impact on the world.

Part manifesto for mastery, part playbook for genius-grade productivity and part companion for a life lived beautifully, The 5AM Club is a work that will transform your life. Forever.

Customer Reviews

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Vinoshah Ravi
5 am club

You may assume from the book's cover "Oh it's about waking up at 5 am. Sure I can do that". Let me simply add that I shared your thoughts on it. Yet the picture is far larger. Here's 3 things that it has taught me:

- Our genuine powers come to light when we are quiet. You might be wondering, "How can I find quietness," given that our everyday routines have us glued to our gadgets, checking emails, making phone calls, and so on. A method of connecting with no one but oneself is by getting up early.

- Practice being grateful. There are many things and individuals for whom you should be grateful with each new day and milestone. The more we express thanks, the more happiness we draw. As we write about the things we are thankful for, we should occasionally allow ourselves to write about the things that made us unhappy on that particular day. By doing this, we enable ourselves to let go of troubling thoughts. How can you move on, after all, if you're in your own mental prison?

- Famous figures who we sit here adoring have also practised a lot to present their finest selves. In addition to being skilled at what they do, they had to develop a strong sense of discipline inside themselves to get to where they are. If they had allowed fear, or procrastination or irregular discipline to conquer their daily routines, they wouldn't have become who they are now.

There are far more things in this book. Rules that have been set, and all you got to do is follow them. Powerful words that have been shared by which you could always rely. A book that could change your life too, do read it!

Safinah Md Hashim

The 5 AM Club

Nor Hawana Mohd Tahir

The 5 AM Club

norazlia azmi
I now one of the member

A leadership book written like a novel. Not boring and open up my mind. Really recommended for those who search the first step to make the change

Chen Lena
The 5 AM Club

This is the best book ever. Everyone for sure love this book. Good to read.