The Animal Book

ISBN: 9781786574336
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Publisher,Lonely Planet
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 1058 g
No. of Pages, 161

Kids can discover the animal kingdom like never before in Lonely Planet Kids' The Animal Book, a beautiful encyclopedia featuring over 100 incredible creatures, from the grey wolf and green anaconda, to the bald eagle and emperor penguin. Packed with facts and illustrations, it also explores our relationship with these animals and how we're affecting their lives and habitats, such as reindeer helping to deliver food for Arctic communities and elephants hunted for their tusks in Africa.

Animals are all around us, but sometimes we forget just how remarkable they are. With The Animal Book, kids can discover some of the world's most diverse and fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and invertebrates, from those they can spot in their backyard to more endangered species in jungles, deserts and freezing oceans. They'll also learn about conservation efforts and how to help protect wildlife and the planet.

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Mhd Saprisal Sabarudin
Good Book To Learn About Animals

This book separates animals by region, and just about ever one page is dedicated to one animal, with the occasion 2 page spread. Each animal will have its own 3-4 sentence introduction, a large drawn picture, and then smaller pictures with facts or explanations about the animal.

This book also focuses on the negative effects global warming, hunting, loss of habitat, or some other human interaction is having on the animals.