The Art of Social Excellence : How to Make Your Personal and Business Relationships Thrive

ISBN: 9781250237576
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Tiong Yong Keu
The Art of Social Excellence : How to Make Your Personal and Business Relationships Thrive

THE ART OF SOCIAL EXCELLENCE is one of those books cursed by its release date. I am eager to put into practice so much of what author Henrik Fexeus recommends--just as soon as we are able to interact face-to-face with one another again.

Fexeus breaks down in an easy-to-read style, how to improve our social and conversational interactions. Unfortunately--for shy people like me--he doesn't offer much advice on overcoming shyness. He's more focused on improving social skills, not developing them.

He decries how isolated we all have become due to social media, texting, etc.--sadder still in 2020 than when he wrote those words.

Although I did read this book from cover to cover, it will be more valuable to go back and reread pertinent sections as needed. I, for one, will never again take for granted the opportunity to talk to a stranger in person.

The art of social excellence

This is an interesting book which could be very useful in helping people communicate better. However, it is not a mindless read. It needs concentration, time and thought like many text books do. One reading from start to finish is just the beginning of becoming what the author thinks will make us all better people. This book is especially useful to anyone working in a sales in contact with other people throughout the day.

Chan See Toh
excellent book

teaches how to improve your use of verbal non verbal skills to socialize with different people and improve your coversation interactions. good for your library.