The Colour of Inequality

ISBN: 9789674152147
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Publisher,MPH Group Publishing
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This book provides an alternative insight to the debate on inequality in Malaysia, by focusing on the distribution of wealth or assets, rather than income. Despite tremendous increase in national income, the wealth gap in Malaysia is alarmingly high and extremely skewed. For instance, the top 0.2 per cent of depositors in ASB has about 1,133 times more than the bottom 80 per cent of depositors combined. This gap is echoed by the fact that approximately two-thirds of Malaysian workers earn less than RM3,000 per month, and about 90 per cent of Malaysians have nearly zero savings.The current policies are not facilitating improvements in this wealth gap, which could lead to aristocracy where birth, not hard work or talent and effort, matter the most in wealth accumulation.

This book explores possible policy interventions that can be undertaken to ensure that economic growth is equitably shared, which is vital for a stable and prosperous society.

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Ikram Kausari

This book explained why our country still not achieved to high income country especially our people. This book also explained why some race has more advance to another, and why rich people become richer and poor become poorer. Some blame to someone's culture, while others blame to someone's race. It's also said why our government seems very little effort to reduced poverty. Why some companies are very stingy to paid their employees? Conclusion, this book tells everything.