The Courage to be Disliked

ISBN: 9781760630492
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Publisher,Allen & Unwin
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 350 g
No. of Pages, 288

A single book can change your life. Already an enormous bestseller in Asia, with more than 3 million copies sold, The Courage to be Disliked demonstrates how to unlock the power within yourself to be the person you truly want to be.

Using the theories of Alfred Adler, one of the three giants of 19th century psychology alongside Freud and Jung, it follows an illuminating conversation between a philosopher and a young man.

The philosopher explains to his pupil how each of us is able to determine our own lives, free of the shackles of past experiences, doubts and the expectations of others. It's a way of thinking that's deeply liberating, allowing us to develop the courage to change, and to ignore the limitations that we and those around us can place on ourselves. The result is a book that is both highly accessible and profound in its importance.

Millions have already read and benefited from its wisdom. Now that The Courage to be Disliked has been published for the first time in English, so can you.


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