The Girl You Left Behind


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Publisher: Michael Joseph

ISBN: 9780718157845

Format: Paperback

Weight: 480 g

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Ikram Kausari

This is quite a borderline great book, with its talented author, and detailed characters, all making for a read never restrained by the tag 'chick lit' it carries. The story encompasses the overlapping of history and geography.

It's not unlike a Jeffrey Archer book. But while Archer can only do so much, and has recourse of deaths to drum up drama, this book can do all of that without resorting to ultimate means. Here the deaths are few and pack a mean punch to the gut when they occur.

'The Girl You Left Behind' is an ambiguous title, which can mean pretty much what you want it to mean. But the character called Sophie, is doubly vivid in the reader's memory because she is long dead. This is like the same way I thought when reading Asterix comic books when being a kid. The village is having fun, yet it's so futile, they are all dead. I guess that's what some historical fiction brings to the table.

Historical romance story

The genre is fully Women’s Fiction. The Girl You Left Behind is the story alternated of Sophie Lefevre who is living in occupied France 1916 between the past in World War 1, and Liv Halston who lives in modern day London 2006. Giving two sides of the same story which revolves around a portrait painting picture.

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