The Hero of Hope Springs

ISBN: 9781335013514
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For as long as brooding cowboy Ryder Daniels has known Sammy Marshall, she has been his sunshine. Her free spirit and bright smile saved him after the devastating loss of his parents and gave him the strength to care for his orphaned family. Only Ryder knows how vulnerable Sammy is, so he's kept his attraction for his best friend under wraps for years. But what Sammy's asking for now might be a step too far...

Something has been missing from Sammy's life, and she thinks she knows what it is. Deciding she wants a baby is easy; realizing she wants her best friend to be the father is...complicated. Especially when a new heat between them sparks to life! When Sammy discovers she's pregnant, Ryder makes it clear he wants it all. But having suffered the fallout of her parents' disastrous relationship, Sammy is wary of letting Ryder too close. This cowboy will have to prove he's proposing out of more than just honor...
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Amirah Bukhari

The Hero of Hope Springs was an amazing story about love and acceptance and what you would and will not do to get that acceptance.


This is really excellent. the story is about friendship, family and love. so touching and sweet