The Kamogawa Food Detectives

ISBN: 9781035009589
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 What's the one dish you'd do anything to taste just one more time?

Down a quiet backstreet in Kyoto exists a very special restaurant called the Kamogawa Diner run by Koishi Kamogawa and her father Nagare. Customers who can find the hidden diner are treated to an extravagant meal, but it's not the main reason for visiting . . .

The father-daughter duo have started advertising their services as 'food detectives', capable of recreating a dish from their customers' pasts that may well hold the key to forgotten memories and ongoing happiness.

From the widower looking for a specific noodle dish that his wife used to cook to a first love's beef stew, the restaurant of lost recipes provides a link to the past and a way to a more contented future.

A bestseller in Japan, The Kamogawa Food Detectives is a celebration of good company and the power of a delicious meal.

About the Author

Hisashi Kashiwai was born in 1952 and was raised in Kyoto. He graduated from Osaka Dental University. After graduating, he returned to Kyoto to open a dental clinic. He has written extensively about his native city and has collaborated in TV programs and magazines.


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miss ali
Simple and sweet

If you are looking for a book to read by the pool during your vacation, then this is it. It's one of those books suitable for light reading. But be forewarned you'd be hungry for Japanese cuisine after finishing the book because there are many delectable dishes described in detail in the book.