The Land of Stories: The Ultimate Book Hugger's Guide

ISBN: 9780316526449
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A behind-the-scenes, comprehensive look at the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

A combination travel guide, encyclopedia, and exciting fan compendium, this ultimate guidebook includes sections such as "Who's Who," "Places to Go," and "Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Things" that explore the backgrounds and histories of the many characters, places, and magic items throughout the beloved Land of Stories series.

This book also includes bonus chapters, insider information about the series, and more, including sketches from the author, "Secrets from the Land of Stories," and "Chris's Top Ten Tips for Writers."

Perfect for new and mega-fans alike, this full-color guidebook illustrated by series artist Brandon Dorman captures the magical ins and outs of the Land of Stories we know and love and delivers new, never-before-seen art and information sure to thrill and satisfy readers.

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Anis Syahira Mhd Yusof
Great book

The Ultimate Book Hugger's Guide is the perfect addition to The Land of Stories, which is thoughtfully designed, imaginative, and brilliant. Beautiful illustrations, detailed knowledge on the series, and insight from the author all contribute to the success of this fantastic series.

Nur Firzanah

This book just never gets bored fun to read during lockdown

Nur saidatul hidayah
The behind the scenes of land of stories

This book is about The "Land of Stories" series, and how the author: Chris Colfer got his ideas. It turns out he had an idea for a fairy tale world when he was only seven years old! He loved reading fairy tales and would always come up with new ideas.