The Number Four

ISBN: 9789672923374
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Four bodies, four random locations … who will be next and where will they turn up? A prominent public prosecutor is found murdered, viciously stabbed. Four of her fingers were severed, and a mark was soldered on her chest. Inspector Alysha from the Special Investigations Unit suspects a gang killing at first, but when more bodies appear with the same ‘signatures’, she fears something more sinister may be at play. Her investigation uncovers a dark web of lies and lust and plunges her into a race against time on the trail of a sadistic serial killer who seems obsessed with the number four.

About The Author

First time author Rueben Dass with his crime thriller The Number Four. Dass graduated with a Science degree in the UK. Finally armed with a degree, Rueben returned home and soon secured a job.

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Esther Ponmalar


Zawahi Saidon

The Number Four

Thrilling read

A very talented writer, Rueben takes the reader on a suspenseful ride through the novel. I was transported back to Malaysia with the familiar locations, foods, characters and culture.
The book will keep you on the edge of your seat and the ending is certainly unexpected. Highly recommended.

Great local talent

The trappings of a local writer, who in writing this thriller never loses track of his roots. He weaves familiar territory into his writing thus constantly engaging the local audience. The iconic number 4 that triggers fear in our local culture adds to the momentum of an unravelling murder mystery. The writers engages us in a sinister, dark world yet provides catharsis in skilfully unravelling the mystery.

Best Thriller Novel

Oh my God. I got the chills so many times toward the end of this book. It completely blew my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectations and be nothing at all like I expected.

Starting with the cover, as the tag suggests, it is indeed for mature readers. The cover is wonderful.

An extremely powerful story, 'The Number Four' is a suspense-thriller fiction, involving four murders, one killer. Is he a serial killer? Or is he killing for a reason?

Aly and Raj, two police inspectors in Bukit Aman, Malaysia, work on the case. As soon as they are about to find the clue, they are suspended from the case.

The killer leaves his signature on every body. A mark on the chest, four fingers severed, and body rubbed with petrol, to not leave any fingerprints, and throw the body in a barren land, with one hand right out of the ground.

Rueben has worked excellently on the plot. I believe he has researched a lot before writing each scene. He has described every scene perfectly, including the murders, the investigation, the interrogation.

Aly and Raj keep working on the case secretly. At the end, they are the ones who find the killer. There are many characters, many suspects, and four victims in the book. Despite that, at no point I got confused between anyone. Rueben has written everything perfectly well.

I was so shocked when I got to know who the killer was. I wasn't expecting it. But of course, it made sense.

'The Number Four' is a fast-paced novel. The language is simple, easy to understand. Rueben has used right words at the right time. I couldn't keep the book off my hands until I finished it completely. There's a lot of curiosity and excitement to keep reading it.

It is one of the best thriller novels I have ever read. Happy reading! ❤️