The President's Daughter (UK)

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Publisher: Century

ISBN: 9781529125672

Format: Paperback

Weight: 800 g

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Cleorie Yen
A page turner, good quality, special details

The first thing I noticed once I received the book was that the book is thick and the quality of the papers and cover is better than many other books I have owned. I am half way through the book now, the plot moves very quickly and it is definitely a page turner. Since it was co-written by President Bill Clinton, there is a lot of detail for the job position of each character in the book, which I really appreciate for, as I can learn some of the real-life technology used by the characters in the book.

Lussi Abraham

The book starts out right away with descriptions of some brutal and dramatic events in the first chapter. The extreme nature of the antagonist is established, and some gruesome details are used to really portray him as a terrible enemy.

Hisyam Salleh
JP and Bill Clinton

Another outstanding page turner from the former President and master of crime novels James Patterson.
Brilliantly plotted and fast paced.
You never go wrong with JP!

Tiong Yong Keu
The President's Daughter

This is one of the best I have read. I simply could not put it down and would have finished it the day I received it but the time was short and my eyes weary!!! I was intrigued by the obvious political facts which were well thought out and were probably part of Bill Clinton's participation in writing this book. The intrigue and twists,and turns of the story kept me involved as a good book should do. Excellent reading....


The book has its moments of thrills and twists, and does a good job at being an entertaining book. The main characters are relatively fleshed out well, and does play with the tropes of a political thriller.

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