The Science of Getting Rich : A Proven Plan for Financial Success

ISBN: 9789670015224
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Transform your approach to money and create success.

The formula for getting rich from a Christian perspective and the inspiration behind Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book and movie, The Secret. Wallace Wattles concisely shows how to use the power of thought and willpower to get rich.

Use the Science of Getting Rich to:

☑ Think creatively, rather than competitively and how this is one of the keys to becoming wealthy

☑ Set yourself on the right course to obtaining wealth

☑ Get rich in an ethical way

☑ Use positive thinking to obtain your desires

☑ Succeed doing what you want to do

Wattles shows that by focusing only on what your heart desires and believing unconditionally that those things are yours to have, you connect to the Universe which gave you those desires in the first place and intends for you to fulfil them.

His philosophy is about how we can attain real fulfilment and inner peace doing what we love. This book will show you exactly how to control your thoughts so you can have the success you were created for.

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Wallace D. Wattles

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