The Trouble with Perfect (A Place Called Perfect #2)

ISBN: 9781474949514
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Format, Paperback
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Strange things are happening in the town that used to be Perfect.

Things are being stolen... then children start going missing too. And everyone is blaming Violet's best friend, Boy. But Boy's not BAD - is he? To find out what's going on, Violet must uncover secrets from the past and battle a gruesome zombie monster. Town is in trouble - double trouble - and it's up to Violet to save it.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Trilogy

If you've read the 1st book, then surely you do not want to miss the 2nd adventure..

good read

The book is written in third person, with Violet being our narrator. The book in written in a very easy to manner and the chapters are quite short

Ikram Kausari
I enjoyed it how twisty it is

While it took me a bit longer to actually get into the story of this second book in the Perfect series, at the end it took my heart by storm.
The first one already had strong messages, but this one was even stronger.
I loved how it transported such adult-like topics into a story accessible to children. The message of caution in regards of mind control by the government, hate speech, inflicting fear and othering feels way to real and was mastered perfectly without ever feeling too much for a child to take in.
Paired with the message of how strong a mother's love is, this made for an emotional read for readers of any age.
I loved how Helena Duggan still was able to write children as children and not an adult mind pretending to be a child.

Truly a series I would recommend to anyone and I'm looking forward to the next installment already!