Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5: The Ugly Truth

ISBN: 9780141340821
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This is the fifth book in Jeff Kinney's phenomenally successful "Wimpy Kid" series - now in paperback. Catch the hapless Greg Heffley as he navigates his way through family and school life with his best friend, Rowley, by his side in a brand new Wimpy Kid adventure

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Publisher,Puffin UK
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Format, Paperback
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Nazri Abdul Karim
My Son Choices

Hopefully, to attract more readers by providing a few colouring pictures or graphics..

ahmad ridhuan bin abdul murad
Diary of a Wimpy Kid #05: The Ugly Truth

This was a very funny book and loved all the parts of the book .I especially loved the part where Greg overheard his parents in thinking that he was going to be the GROOMSMEN because they were getting him a tux.
He thinks he gets to join in on the party that's held for the to-be married man. But turned out he was the assistant flower boy.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #05: The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth was indeed a good book. It has family members being together, which is of course great, and Greg is also facing puberty. That is where the problem is.
Greg has to face puberty, and loses his best friend, Rowley, early in the book, It isn't really Greg, but of course, it's really funny.
He tries to get into a commercial, has a Lock-In at the school auditorium, and many more funny things.
The Ugly Truth is a great book for middle school kids who are experiencing puberty.