The Violet Mysteries: A Case of Grave Danger

ISBN: 9780008297350
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Violet Veil wants nothing more than to prove her worth and become her father's apprentice at Veil & Sons Undertakers. And one rain-soaked night she gets her chance when she meets a boy, Oliver, who is wandering around the graveyard. Only, the last time Violet saw Oliver, he was indoors and very much dead, waiting to be buried. Violet has just found her first case, and it doesn't get bigger than this: can she, with the help of her dog, Bones, help Oliver solve his own 'murder'?
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Cik Aminah
Best for kids

This is a fun middle grade mystery starring Violet Veil. Her father is an undertaker. But when a corpse comes to life and Violet realizes Oliver (the corpse) isn't dead, and her father is jailed, there's a mystery to unfold.