Time to Heal: A Novel

ISBN: 9789672459361
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Publisher,Iman Publication
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Format, Paperback
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Hassan sat down next to his mom and dad as he stared vacantly at the grave. He felt numb. His other siblings were behind him, sobbing quietly. The imam began his sermon. Hassan’s mind started drifting off. He wondered if the body inside the grave will be okay. Will he be lonely? Will he be afraid? He wondered if the body can still hear them.

Hassan’s own tears rolled down his cheeks. He felt a lump in his throat. The tragedy has shreds the heart to pieces. Hassan never knew pain like he was experiencing at the moment. He took a deep breath to calm himself. As much as he wanted to scream and wail, he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He needed to be strong; for others.

Hassan learnt about death at a young age. It was death that made him decide to be in the medical field.

Will he be able to make peace with death or will he continue carrying the guilt of being alive?

About The Author

Norhafsah Hamid was born in 1973 and received her primary and secondary education in Malaysia. She then pursued her studies at Reading University in the United Kingdom and obtained a law degree. She then became an advocate and solicitor, specialising in civil litigation. After completing her Diploma in Syariah and Legal Practice, she began handling various Syariah-related matters.

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Such a emotional story, Hassan was like everyone. Struggle with our own feelings, at last we will and we must healing.
Receive parcel in a good condition, really love shopping online with MPH cuz i get more discount huhu. Thank you ✨