Under the Sea (Usborne Snap Cards)

ISBN: 9781474936743
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Discover what’s under the sea with this entertaining card game for young children. There are 52 snap cards (13 matching sets of 4), with labelled pictures of dolphins, turtles, clownfish, submarines and lots more. The game can be played with fewer cards to make it easier for younger players to join in.
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Snap And Amazing Memory Game Ever!

This snap card is similar to traditional snap card. Just the difference is each cards labelled by name. Kids able to learn new vocabulary and also improve their memory while playing pairs card.
Designed with colorful and great quality with bigger card compare to the average card, this set Usborne Snap cards definitely will be love by kids!

Learn the animals, win at Snap!

Usborne Snap Cards come in so many different themes, each one will certainly appeal to almost any child. The Under the Sea cards can be used to play the traditional Snap game and can also be used as a teaching to tool to aid kids in learning all about things underwater-related. And since each card is labeled and clearly illustrated, kids will not find it difficult to remember the different animals to look out for the next time everyone gets together to play Snap!