War Lord

ISBN: 9780008183967
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Publisher,Harper Collins Pub. Uk
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Format, Paperback
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To the south, King AEthelstan has unified the three kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia and East Anglia - and now eyes a bigger prize. To the north, King Constantine and other Scottish and Irish leaders seek to extend their borders and expand their dominion.

Caught in the eye of the storm is Uhtred. Threatened and bribed by all sides, he faces an impossible choice: stay out of the struggle, risking his freedom, or throw himself into the cauldron of war and the most terrible battle Britain has ever experienced. Only fate can decide the outcome.

Customer Reviews

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The plotline in each of these books is very clever, with unexpected surprises along the way, and this final installment is no different. Bernard Cornwell managed to wrap up the series in a brilliant way, actually drawing a couple of tears from me at one point. I look forward to starting the series from the beginning, and enjoying each stage in Uhtred’s life all over again.

Great book

The writing is exemplary, the story fascinating and the characters memorable. It was an amazing romp through the events that established the English empire. I can’t recommend it enough. Every volume is a chapter in the multi-generational struggle to establishment of Alfred’s United Kingdom.

Nur Alyah
Good read

Uhtred is his own man, never more so than in this final story, where he defies kings again and again in pursuit of his destiny. Yes, it’s more than time for him to retire, but Cornwell has him go out in style.

Asrul shaffei

Story-telling is as ever of a top-notch quality from this author, the atmosphere, living conditions, and hostile surroundings in and out of Northumbria come superbly off the pages, while all characters, whether real historical or wonderful fictional, come vividly to life within this wonderful tale about history in the making.