When Breath Becomes Air


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Publisher: Random House US

ISBN: 9781984801821

Format: Paperback

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adriana Nur qistina
when breath becomes air

I cry when I read those book :))))))

Zeeshan Ali
Awesome book

Key Takeaways from this book: 1. The book provides the first lesson that how delicate humans life is to ruin the long hours of difficult work and come up short in accomplishing your objectives, how unusual it can be to redirect you from the way that so unquestionably was driving you towards your dreams fair within the last minute. 2. The writer showed us that how life is to be lived, how you need to welcome death, and how much you endure it to take to have the guts to see them both in the eye, battle with respect, and despite losing your breath inside the battle, come out as a victorious. 3. The book showed that despite the body is weakened, you need to invest all your energy to obtain unlimited happiness if there are some great moments. 4. They gave us the lesson that vulnerability is not a drawback. It takes courage to show your vulnerable side. It happens in the weakest times that human beings could be strongest, they do not know even no that could they endure all the pain. 5. The writer introduces that our life is limited. This love and knowledge are the tools that we use to live in this world longer or shorter. 6. Finally, Paul teaches us that how severe suffering and pain could be lessened by limitless love, insincerity, and care of one’s family. That life isn't lived in years. Indeed, within the littlest sum of time, we will make important and undying recollections. Follow on Instagram for more reviews zee_versatile

Anna Sylvia

When Breath Becomes Air

Amir Yusuf

When Breath Becomes Air


What makes life worth living in the face of death. About Paul, who is diagnosed with stage IV of lung cancer during his training to become a neurosurgeon. How Paul dealing with upcoming death at the age of 35. Very moving story, so beautifully written by Paul who's once dream to become a writer. It teach us how to be grateful, always.

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