Cheers for local authors

Let’s Cheer Our Local Authors!

Aug 18, 2022Eunice Chong

National heroes like Dato’ Lee Chong Wei to Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh are often celebrated and easily recognised. But how many of us can name a local author, especially one whose story has never gone viral but has inspired generations to pursue the humble but empowering dream of becoming a writer?

On that note, we are planning a series of events featuring local authors in August and September 2022:

19 August 2022 (Friday)

Meet the Author of If the Sky were to Fall…: Professor (Dr) Gary Lit Ying Loong

As a retired academic from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and now a visiting professor, Prof. Lit has taught in some of the most renowned universities worldwide. Despite staying and teaching overseas for almost half a century, he still holds dear to his heart the memories of his childhood and school days in Kinta Valley, Perak. If the Sky were to Fall… is about the trials and tribulations of his father and their generation during the most tumultuous period of the nation’s history. It details not just the atrocities of the Japanese but also the injustices of the Colonial British and the challenges facing the post-colonial nation of Malaysia.

In his research for his book, Prof. Lit has made some startling discoveries and unveils some interesting facts. If you are interested to know more, why not drop by MPH Nu Sentral on 19 August? Better yet, get a copy of the book and get him to autograph it personally!


20th August 2022 (Saturday)

This day is extra special where we will be having not one but two author’s events at MPH Mid Valley!

Book Launch: The Number Four by Rueben Dass 

“Four bodies, four random locations … who will be next and where will they turn up? A prominent public prosecutor is found murdered, viciously stabbed. Four of her

fingers were severed, and a mark was soldered on her chest. Inspector Alysha from the Special Investigations Unit suspects a gang killing at first, but when more bodies appear with the same ‘signatures’, she fears something more sinister may be at play. Her investigation uncovers a dark web of lies and lust and plunges her into a race against time on the trail of a sadistic serial killer who seems obsessed with the number four.” 


Meet the Author of Altruism Out the Window – Arif Imran

What were you doing when you were a 17-year-old? When most of us were probably having a hard time figuring what to pursue after SPM, this now 19-year-old law graduate was contemplating the concept of altruism and wrote a book about it! Did we even understand the word?

This young author is definitely someone ahead of his time. Arif Imran likes analysing everyday matters and exchanging thoughts with those around him. In particular, he enjoys thinking about and analysing human behaviours, given that we live in a society. He believes that if one were to sufficiently understand those around him, it will be possible to live life efficiently – that is, living by the best way to achieve happiness. Meet him in person and learn why and how he wrote this book. 


3rd September 2022

Surviving & Prospering in Stock Investments: Book Launch by Tan Ee Wah 

Tan Ee Wah has a lifelong interest in books, which eventually led him to become a writer. Among his interests is stock investments. Graduated with double majors in Economics and Communications Arts and Media from Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY) in 1987, Tan’s interest in stocks was kindled in 1993 when he participated gleefully in the super bull run mania during 1993. He was enrolled in the University of Hard Knocks along with millions of traumatised people amidst the harrowing turmoil during the 1997–98 East Asia financial, economic and political crisis. In retrospect, this momentous period was Malaysia’s version of the tremendous Wall Street crash of 1929. 

This book represented the author’s attempt to forward the thesis that:

Quality stocks of well-managed companies, with good future prospects and bought at the right prices, are boons for investors who wish to achieve financial freedom. He encourages prudent stock investing to safeguard inexperienced investors from suffering financial ruins and shows them a better way to generate wealth to achieve financial freedom.

If you are interested in stock investments but don’t know where to start, come join the book launch where Tan will share some of the insights gleaned from his experiences. Maybe this book will be your first step towards success in stock investing. 

 Details of the event: 

Date: 3rd September 2022

Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Venue: MPH Mid Valley

Do any of these upcoming events interest you, dear readers? It’s time to show face and give a big hand to these amazing local authors! If names like Robert T. Kiyosaki, Colleen Hoover and James Patterson can become world-famous, who knows one day authors from Malaysia pun boleh, if given enough support!

 In conjunction with Hari Merdeka and Malaysia Day, MPH Bookstores is celebrating all Malaysian authors by giving 15% OFF to all local titles; click here for more info.

For more information on these events, kindly contact our Customer Service at 1-300-888-MPH(674) or email them at

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