August Wrap-Up!

August Wrap-Up!

Sep 01, 2022Amanda Skelchy

It has been a fun-tastic month filled with arts-and-crafts activities for the kids, meet-and-greets with local authors, and sensational new title releases from TikTok! Aside from that, our Midvalley outlet has recently had its pillars upgraded with pretty covers, blockbuster titles, and trending titles that TikTok made you buy! Don’t worry if you missed out on the fun-filled events; here’s the general recap: 

1. Arts and Crafts Workshop for Kids

Throughout August, we’ve held multiple workshops to engage with young readers of all ages, as we believe arts and crafts can help kids build their creativity and IQ!

  • DIY Bookmarks (13 August 2022 @ MPH Setia City Mall)

  • DIY Pinwheel (13 August 2022 @ MPH Setia City Mall)

  • Kids Origami Workshop (20 August 2022 @ MPH Midvalley)

  • Malaysia Flag Colouring (31st August 2022 @ MPH Setia City Mall)

  • DIY Paper Tanjak (31st August 2022 @ MPH Setia City Mall) 

2. Meet-and-Greet Events

During this patriotic month, we’ve brought two of the most remarkable local authors for  extravagant meet-and-greet sessions! Aside from interacting with them, our readers were privileged to get copies of their books autographed!

  • If the Sky were to Fall (19 August 2022 @ MPH NU Sentral)

  • The Number Four (20 August 2022 @ MPH Midvalley) 

3. Phenomenal TikTok Sensation Releases

What you’ve seen on TikTok, we have it too! Throughout August MPH brought you news of some highly anticipated summer titles! If TikTok hasn’t convinced you to buy them, we will! Kindly note that stocks may vary depending on outlets and if you can’t find them in our stores, you can always find them online! Check them out now:


and many more...

We’d like to thank our dear readers who attended and supported us during our workshops and events. You motivate us to keep striving!

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